State of the State Roundup

On Wednesday, January 19th, Governor Rick Snyder gave his first State of the State address to the Michigan Legislature.  With our state facing a $1.8 billion dollar deficit, all ears were tuned in to hear if Governor Snyder would give details on his plans to tackle the budget. 

Highlights and excerpts regarding the budget 

Governor Snyder from his State of the State address: 

"First, the number one item has to be the need for more and better jobs. So economic development is the focus for tonight. Second, by mid-February, we will present a budget to the Legislature. This is one month ahead of the required deadline. We will present a two-year budget. The first is the legally required budget, the second’s for planning purposes. Having a two-year budget will force tough decisions. We will not play kick the can down the road to the next year. We will request a budget that’s based on outcomes and results and moves away from traditional line items."

"Our budget will include the elimination of the job-killing Michigan business tax and replace that with a 6% corporate income tax." 

"Government reform needs to happen at all levels from townships to cities, from counties to the state, to school districts as well. We need to positively encourage our local jurisdictions, both municipal and school, to move to service consolidation and better deliver value for money."

Also, Gov. Snyder unveiled a new website during his State of the State address, which will serve as a report card for Michigan with 21 measures in five areas including economic strength, health and education, public safety, quality of life and value of government.  Of these 21 measures four are directly related to early childhood initiatives including children in poverty, infant mortality, third grade reading levels and college readiness. Beyond this, the work of early childhood advocates would be beneficial in nearly every other measure on this dashboard.

Click HERE to visit the Michigan Dashboard 

Highlights and excerpts regarding early childhood

Governor Snyder from his State of the State address:

"We cannot leave children behind without tools for success in their adult lives."

"We will present a special message on education to the Legislature in April. As I said earlier, we must do more to help students achieve academic success. We’ve been spending money without delivering the results to give our young people a bright future. It is time that we view our educational system which runs from pre-natal to lifelong learning. It’s time to start talking about B-20 instead of just K-12. We need to establish a system that focuses on real achievement for all of our children. We cannot leave children behind without the tools for success in their adult lives, but we also need to encourage better and faster opportunities for children that can go farther and faster in our system."

Senator Gretchen Whitmer in her response speech to the State of the State Address: 

"We spend $36 billion on tax giveaways, that's more than three times the amount we spend educating our kids."

 Missed theSpeech?

What Governor Snyder said about early childhood:

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 Discussion Questions

·         What did the governor address that is promising for early childhood in Michigan?

·         Did the governor address items that you particularly are concerned about?  What are those items and why are they important to you?

·         What do you think the governor left out in his speech?

·         How do we think the budget deficit will affect early childhood funding? Did your thoughts on this change now that you’ve heard Snyder’s plan?

·         Does he mention early childhood?  Does he make specific statements to the importance of early childhood or any of its programs? 

·         Do you think he is making young children a priority in Michigan?

State of the State: What You Can Do

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On Tuesday, January 25, President Barack Obama will deliver the State of the Union address. The speech is scheduled for 9 p.m. EST. The State of the Union address is an annual address presented by the president to the United States Congress. During the address, President Barack Obama will not only report on the condition of the nation but will also outline his legislative agenda and national priorities to Congress.

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