Full Press Release A two-day Michigan Sandbox Party survey last week netted more than 1,300 responses from Michigan residents hoping Gov. Rick Snyder will make early childhood issues a key component of his State of the State speech Wednesday, recognizing that investing in early childhood programs including child care, early education and learning, physical and psychological health, parenting and family support, are the best way to get the outcomes he has said are vital to Michigan’s future.

Lansing State Journal, Jan. 9
Waverly eyes new approach to schools
Excerpt: Early childhood education, full-day kindergarten, reconfiguring grade levels and a freshman academy are potential next steps for Waverly Community Schools. The district last week assigned committees to study each issue, wi th reports coming at a public meeting Jan. 24, said Superintendent Debra Jones

The Detroit News, Jan. 6
Snyder names Corrigan to Cabinet
Excerpt: Gov. Rick Snyder today named Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan the director of the Michigan Department of Human Services. Snyder called Corrigan "a true champion of children and their families." 

Education Week, Jan. 5
Pre-K Advocates Feel Fiscal Jitters, but Stay Hopeful
Excerpt: In a recession-altered world where state leaders struggle to maintain their constitutional commitments to public education, early-childhood programs—popular, valued, but largely discretionary—find themselves on treacherous fiscal ground. For a decade, at least, efforts to expand state-financed early-childhood education have gained momentum nationally, with 40 states now paying for some form of prekindergarten. The initiatives range from small pilot projects in such states as Rhode Island to Oklahoma’s universal, voluntary program funded through the state’s K-12 education formula. | Reynolds Center, Jan. 5
Plenty to learn about finance in the business of child care
Excerpt: The business of child care is one of those economic drivers that seldom seems to make it on to reporters’ radar screens. Yet the costs, quality, accessibility and availability of child care and early education services affect workers, parents, employers, state agencies, suppliers and many others in our audiences.

The Detroit Free Press, Jan. 4
Build state’s future starting with early childhood programs
Excerpt: Across Michigan, many business leaders are embracing the fact that supporting families in the earliest and most important years of their children's development helps the short- and long-term health of our economy.

The Detroit Free Press, Jan. 4
Gov. Snyder sets ambitious budget goal
Excerpt: A beaming Gov. Rick Snyder began his first workweek Monday with his new staff, some firm goals and one mystery. He promised to have a two-year state budget in place by July 1, a departure from the usual one-year budget that, in recent years, has dragged out into the fall and even past the Oct. 1 deadline.

Early Education Initiative | New America Foundation, Dec. 21
Update on FY 2011 Federal Funding
Excerpt: Congress has decided not to finalize fiscal year 2011 spending levels until next year. Until it finalizes funding, Congress has temporarily funded most federal programs at the 2010 level. What this means is that the next Congress, which will be sworn-in in early January, will ultimately determine the final fiscal year 2011 spending levels.

The Huffington Post, Dec. 19
Preschool Education: Talking is Teaching
Excerpt: A phenomenon of our age is the degree to which some middle-class parents have become increasingly frantic about getting their offspring off to a strong start in the intense world of learning. Once the province of higher education (Can Johnny get into Princeton? At how young an age should we have him registered for admission and start making those donations?), this anxiety has filtered down now through the prep-school world to the pre-school world.

Pre-K Now, Dec. 19
Votes Count: Michigan
Excerpt: Michigan was struggling with persistent budget shortfalls and high unemployment long before the most recent downturn, but state leaders were able to shield the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) from severe cuts. Last year, however, the program did suffer a cut, but an FY11 increase restores most of those resources.

The Detroit Free Press, Dec. 17
Gov. elect Rick Snyder names Department of Community Health Director
Excerpt: Olga Dazzo, president of a health care consulting firm, has been named director of the state Department of Community Health by Gov.-elect Rick Snyder. As head of the state agency that oversees the state’s Medicaid program, and its fast-rising costs, Dazzo will navigate one of the most challenging fiscal issues confronting the new administration beginning in January.

Education Week, Dec. 17
Senate Pulls Spending Bill With Money for Early Childhood, i3
Excerpt: So educators may never get to see a second round of the Investing in Innovation program, which helps districts scale-up promising practices, or a brand new fund to help states improve early childhood education. Money for both of those programs was included in a big giant spending bill under consideration in the Senate.

The Detroit News, Dec. 10
GM Foundation pledges $27M to improve grad rates, kindergarten readiness
Excerpt: General Motors Foundation will donate $27.1 million to the United Way for Southeastern Michigan to get young children kindergarten-ready and improve graduation rates at five Metro Detroit schools riddled by high dropout rates, GM's American president, Mark Reuss, said today.

PBS, Dec. 7
Secretary Duncan: Schools Must Become Centers of Communities
Excerpt: A new global survey of school achievement shows U.S. students falling behind much of the rest of the world in reading, science, and math. The daunting results found in the Program on International Student Achievement, or PISA, test showed 15-year-olds in more than a dozen countries, including South Korea and Poland, outperform American students.

Detroit Public Television, Dec. 7
The Time is Now (ECIC Business Video)
Excerpt: Michigan business leaders discuss the importance of early childhood investment.

The White House, Dec. 6
The Budget and Michigan
Excerpt: Having steered the economy back from the brink of a depression, the Administration is committed to moving the nation from recession to recovery by sparking job creation to get millions of Americans back to work and building a new foundation for the long-term prosperity for all American families. To do this, the 2011 Budget makes critical investments in the key areas that will help to reverse the decline in economic security that American families have experienced over the past decade with investments in education, clean energy, infrastructure, and innovation.

Lansing State Journal, Dec.1
Snyder unveils plans for new super-cabinet
Excerpt: Gov.-elect Rick Snyder said Tuesday he's changing the setup of state government to include a six-person super-cabinet responsible for keeping his initiatives on track.

The Detroit Free Press, Nov. 30
Gov.-elect Snyder hires Utah’s budget director
Excerpt: Gov.-elect Rick Snyder went outside Michigan on Tuesday to fill one of his top and toughest cabinet posts, naming Utah's 38-year-old budget director to take on the same job here on Jan. 1.John Nixon, a career civil servant and Utah's budget director since 2006, will serve as the lead architect for Snyder's ambitious plan to simultaneously overhaul state government, close a projected budget deficit of at least $1.6 billion and cut business taxes by more than $1 billion a year.

Business Week, Nov. 18
Poor Children Get Biggest Literacy Boost From Preschool
Excerpt: Poor children get the most benefit from preschool, but such programs also help children who aren't poor, particularly black youngsters, according to a new study. "Universally available preschool programs are likely to narrow achievement gaps between children who are poor and those who are not poor, and also between racial groups," said study author Daphna Bassok, an assistant professor of education policy at the University of Virginia, in a news release.

Eye on Early Education, Nov. 16
Nobel Laureate to Debt Panel: Invest in Early Education
Excerpt: Recent headlines have carried news of far-reaching recommendations from the bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Reform created by President Obama to explore ways to reduce the federal debt. Among the information presented to the panel was the 12-page letter from James Heckman, the University of Chicago economist who won a Nobel Prize in 2000. “To reduce America’s debt and increase its productivity,” Heckman advises the panel to invest in high-quality early education or risk putting “our country’s future in peril by producing a deficit in human capital that will take generations to correct.

Detroit Free Press, Nov. 8
Snyder recruits Dillon, Posthumus for top posts
Excerpt: Gov. elect-Rick Snyder introduced the beginning of his “A team,” this morning, announcing the appointment of Speaker of the House Andy Dillon as the new state treasurer and former Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus as a senior adviser.

Politico, Nov. 4
Arne Duncan: Education can be bipartisan
Excerpt: Despite waking up to a political landscape now dominated by Republicans, Duncan – one of a handful of Obama administration cabinet members who actively campaigned for several democrats – believes that education reform can be the great bipartisan issue, uniting the two feuding parties.

The Detroit Free Press, Nov. 3
Rick Snyder leads decisive sweep; GOP wins lock on political power
Excerpt: Rick Snyder, who launched from political obscurity with his "one tough nerd" campaign, was elected Michigan's 48th governor Tuesday on the crest of a Republican tidal wave that swept all statewide offices and might give the GOP a lock on political power in Michigan for the next decade.

The Detroit Free Press, Oct. 29
Commentary: An easy fix for our kids: Get them ready early
Excerpt: We need so much from our next leaders: more jobs, new businesses, better schools, healthier families, thriving communities. In short, we want a new Michigan. And we can have it -- but not without investing in our greatest resource: our children.

Michigan Radio, Oct. 29
Candidates want more focus on early childhood education
Excerpt: Snyder's running mate, state Representative Brian Calley says there are more opportunities for schools to cut costs. "I think we'll have the resources and the current pot of money to fund the higher priorities, such as early childhood education." 

Battle Creek Enquirer, Oct. 28
Schauer continues last push at Great Start forum
Excerpt: Schauer has an event in Jackson related to federal high-speed rail funding and then a campaign stop in Eaton Rapids. He plans to return to Battle Creek this evening for a candidate forum with the Calhoun County Great Start Collaborative before meeting with voters at Nottke’s Family Fun Center.

Saginaw News, Oct. 28
Must ensure all children get off to great start
Excerpt: As members of the Saginaw County Great Start Collaborative and Parent Coalition, we are distressed by a new report that says African-American and Hispanic babies in Michigan are more likely than white children to be born prematurely, underweight and to a mother who smoked during pregnancy and doesn’t have a high school diploma, which often means poverty.

Iron Mountain Daily News, Oct. 21
Candidate meet and greet Saturday in Iron Mountain
Excerpt: The Dickinson-Iron Great Start Collaborative will host a candidate meet and greet on Saturday in Iron Mountain. Candidates attending will include U.S. representative candidates Dan Benishek and Glenn Wilson; state representative incumbent Judy Nerat and challenger Ed McBroom; and Dickinson County Board of Commissioners incumbent Ann Martin and challenger Kevin Pirlot. "Great Start Collaborative members and all the citizens in Dickinson and Iron counties can look forward to talking with our political leaders about the value of early childhood education and other important local, state and federal topics," said Barbara J. Reisner, Project Coordinator for Dickinson-IronGreat Start Collaborative.

Tri-County Times (Fenton), Oct. 21
Policymakers tour Ellen Street Campus
Excerpt: Policymakers and political candidates visited Fenton schools’ Ellen Street Campus Monday, which houses the World of Wonder (WOW) early childhood programs and sixth graders’ Andrew G. Schmidt Middle School. The building was recently restructured, and houses Great Start Readiness, Tuition Preschool, Successful Kids = Involved Parents, (S.K.I.P.) and other early childhood programs.

Senate Democrats, Oct. 20
Whitmer Joins Kids and Parents for Ingham County Great Start Collaborative Events
“Organizations like the Ingham Great Start Collaborative are essential to our community and economy as they work with parents and young children to help equip them with the social and emotional skills needed to succeed,” said Whitmer.

Port Huron Times Herald, Oct. 18
Dan DeGrow: Bernero, Snyder know early childhood education is vital
Excerpt: At their recent debate, the Democratic and Republican candidates for Michigan's governor spoke enthusiastically about early childhood programs -- such as preschool and quality child care -- that prepare children to do well in the K-12 school system once they reach it. Bernero and Snyder both seemed to get it: You can't wait until a child is struggling in high school to give him or her some help. The smart thing to do is to prevent a problem from arising in the first place, and the best way to do that, of course, is to start early.

The Detroit Free Press, Oct. 17
David Lawrence Jr.: A big election for the littlest children
Excerpt: Michigan has its own version of the Milk Party called "The Sandbox Party." Like its Florida cousin, the Sandbox Party is a nonpartisan, citizen-led effort. And like its Florida counterpart, the Sandbox Party held a political-style convention in late summer, at Michigan State University. More than 5,000 people from across the state were there -- parents, children, educators and business leaders. But the most encouraging sign that the seeds planted in recent years by Sandbox Party supporters and early childhood advocates across the land are starting to bloom was the presence of Rick Snyder and Virg Bernero -- one of whom will be elected Michigan's governor Nov. 2.

Michigan State University Extension, Oct. 14
MSU Extension staff share resources at Sandbox Party Convention
Excerpt: Approximately 6,000 early childhood advocates that included families, candidates and policymakers packed Michigan State University’s Breslin Center Aug. 26 for an exciting, noisy, event-filled day of celebration and education – the Sandbox Party Convention. Children’s advocates across the state have joined forces to create the Sandbox Party, a nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization that wants candidates to focus on a child’s first 1,000 days of life, the period most vital to development and future success.

Michigan Radio, Oct. 13
Lt. Governor candidate wants more focus on early childhood
Excerpt: Calley says he and his running mate Rick Snyder would like to see more focus on early childhood education. And he says the case needs to be made to taxpayers that their money is being spent wisely before the state increases funding for any department or service.

The Great Start website, Oct. 12
Michigan early childhood advocates react to gubernatorial debate comments
Early childhood received a coveted shout-out in Sunday's prime-time gubernatorial debate, with both Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Virg Bernero pledging support for early childhood issues and programs. How did that play with some of the state’s top advocates for young children?

The Great Start website, Oct. 11
Undebatable: Snyder and Bernero express clear support for early childhood in debate
The state’s gubernatorial candidates affirmed their support of early childhood programs Sunday night in the campaign's first and only televised debate. Early childhood programs and funding were among the subjects tackled by Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Virg Bernero during the one-hour debate hosted by the Center for Michigan.

Great Start website, Oct. 7
Will the state’s youngest learners have a place at Sunday’s gubernatorial debate?
You might have to listen closely, but a discussion on early childhood could emerge in a likely broader talk on funding or reform of the state’s educational system when Republican Rick Snyder and Democrat Virg Bernero square off.

The Great Start website, Oct. 6
Calhoun County Great Start Parent Coalition goes grassroots
The Calhoun County Great Start Parent Coalition (CCGSPC) has made a concentrated effort to engage in grassroots community building to reach diverse parts of the population.

Center for Michigan, Sept. 30
SPECIAL REPORT: Where Bernero and Snyder stand on early education
Excerpt: In August, both Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder and his Democratic opponent, Virg Bernero spoke in support of preschool at the Sandbox Party Convention, an event to help spread the word about the economic impact of early childhood education in the state. Snyder campaign spokesman Bill Nowling said Snyder … believes the state must refocus its effort on 0-5 learning because of its proven return on investment. And Bernero has often said that education is economic development … and is a major factor in future academic success.

The Great Start website, Sept. 28
Early Childhood Movement in Michigan Has a Friend in Kellogg Foundation
Excerpt: “This is a new day with an incredible level of momentum we’ve never seen before. And the recent Sandbox Party Convention is proof that Michigan is moving in the right direction when it comes to our children and the future.”

Great Start website, Sept. 28
Q&A: Five Minutes with Consumers Energy’s Dave Mengebier
Excerpt: "Consumers Energy sees supporting early childhood initiatives as an investment in Michigan's future."

Great Start website, Sept. 28
Q&A: Five Minutes with PNC Wealth Management’s James A. Schmelter
Excerpt: "All the research we’ve seen shows that getting kids off to a good start brings a return on investment that is so big – not just for the children themselves but for the economy as well."

The Daily Telegram, Sept. 27
Candidates to discuss education at forum
Excerpt: The forum is hosted by the county school superintendents, school boards, teachers and the Great Start Collaborative.

The Ironwood Info, Sept. 23
Candidates address Sandbox Party concerns
Excerpt: Monday members of the Sandbox Party hosted a meet and greet for candidates in this fall’s election. Those candidates at the event were: Jim Jessup, Janis Burgess candidates for Ontonagon Probate Judge.

Saginaw News, September 20
Saginaw County Great Start Collaborative hosting candidate forum tonight
Excerpt: The Saginaw County Great Start Collaborative is hosting a candidate forum at 6 p.m. today to discuss childhood investment. State Sen. Roger Kahn, R-Saginaw Township, State Rep. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth, state senate candidate Dr. Debasish Mridha and state representative candidates Stacey Erwin Oakes, Sarge Harvey, Jay Longtain and Vince Mosca are attending the forum.

Adrian Telegram, September 19
Great start: Members of the Lenawee Great Start Parent Coalition advocate for the needs of families and children
Excerpt: The Lenawee Great Start Collaborative is made up of parents, community agencies, business leaders, health care providers, educators, and others in the community who have an interest in early childhood education. The Parent Coalition is a partnership of parents who advocate for the needs of families and children in the county.

The Flint Journal, September 13
Early education and family support programs explored in tour of Genesee County school programs
Excerpt: A group of county and state officials toured several local school locations this morning to explore how public funds and grants are used in early education and family support programs.

Crain’s Business Detroit, September 5
Other Voices: Turn youngest learners into leaders
Excerpt: There are countless benefits — both short term and long term — associated with investing in our youngest learners so they'll be prepared to join the workforce of tomorrow and take over as leaders. Michigan's nonpartisan, nonpolitical Sandbox Party was formed to support efforts to nurture the next generation and prepare it to succeed.

Lansing State Journal, August 27
Sandbox Party convention draws thousands to MSU
Excerpt: Several thousand parents, children and advocates for early childhood programs swarmed into the Breslin Center on Thursday for the Sandbox Party Convention.

The Detroit Free Press, August 27
Sandbox crowd provides a convention warm-up
Excerpt: It was a noisy warm-up to this weekend's state party conventions, as gubernatorial candidates Rick Snyder and Virg Bernero spoke briefly to a few thousand children and parents gathered Thursday to promote state support for early childhood development programs.

The Detroit News, August 27
Gov hopefuls discuss early learning at Sandbox Party
Excerpt: Thousands of pint-sized Michiganians boogied, bounced in their strollers and provided one heck of an audience Thursday for Michigan's gubernatorial candidates., August 27
Lenawee residents attend Sandbox convention
Excerpt: Kay Barber of Adrian and her 5-year-old twin son and daughter joined about 5,000 people Thursday at the first-ever Sandbox Party convention in East Lansing., August 26
Gubernatorial candidates speak at unique convention
Excerpt: The race to November is on and both of Michigan's gubernatorial candidates are in full campaign mode., August 26
Candidates Talk To Kids, But Reach Their Parents
Excerpt: Snyder and Bernero are doing their best to connect with the crowd of children at the Sandbox Party Thursday., August 26
Thousands come together in East Lansing for the Sandbox Party Convention
Excerpt: Thousands of people came together in East Lansing for the state’s first nonpolitical, political style convention., August 26
Thousands Push To Get More Funds For Kids
Excerpt: Thousands of people packed Michigan State's Breslin Center, calling on lawmakers to invest more in Michigan's children. Members of the sandbox party convention are teaming up with parents from across the state to secure a brighter future for Michigan's children., August 26
Sandbox' features Mich. candidates for governor
Excerpt: The two main candidates to become Michigan's next governor both say they'd make early childhood programs and education a priority if elected in November., August 23
Child advocates host "Sandbox Party Convention"
Excerpt: Both candidates for Michigan governor are expected to appear at a nonpartisan convention this week hosted by a group of advocates for early childhood programs.

The Conservative Media, August 23
Bernero knows importance of early childhood education
Excerpt: The Michigan Democratic Party and the Republican Party are holding their state nominating conventions this weekend, but a new party is holding their convention on Thursday: the newly formed Sandbox Party.

Mammas Way, August 22
Early childhood investment the focus of Sandbox Party Convention - Lansing State Journal
Excerpt: While the fall election may be most importantly about the economy, Michigan's children and the education they receive are likely to drive that economic recovery., August 22
Local Saginaw advocates for children's funding to travel to Sandbox Party Convention in East Lansing
Excerpt: Several Saginaw moms and their kids are heading to Lansing this week to create awareness of the need for government funding to support programs for young children.

ECIC News Release, August 17
Lansing, Grand Rapids TV personalities to co-host Sandbox Party Convention
Excerpt: Jason Colthorp, news anchor for WILX TV 10 in Lansing, and Maranda, host of WOOD TV 8’s “Where You Live” show in Grand Rapids, will co-host the first-ever Sandbox Party Convention Aug. 26 at Michigan State University’s Breslin Center.

ECIC News Release, August 16
Radio Disney AM 910 joins entertainment lineup for Aug. 26 Sandbox Party Convention
Excerpt: Radio Disney AM 910, part of the number one radio network for kids, tweens, and families, will bring a bit of magic to the entertainment lineup for the first-ever Sandbox Party Convention Aug. 26.

ECIC News Release, August 16
Convention Prize Giveaway
Excerpt: At the Sandbox Party Convention, register to win any of the following outstanding prizes simply by entering our giveaway contest! Must be at least 18 years old to enter and win. Prize winners will be announced during the Convention, must be present to win.

WILS AM 1320 Radio, August 12
Judy Samelson, CEO of Early Childhood Investment Corporation talking about the Sandbox Party
Excerpt: "The real purpose here is to create a united front among early childhood advocates, who really advocate for many, many different things for young children, because there are so many things involved in the developmental and early education part of these young kids' lives that make them ready for school."

Huron Daily Tribune, August 6
Take a stand — in the sandbox
Excerpt: When one thinks of a sandbox party, an image of smiling children surrounded by shovels, pails and mini sand sculptures may come to mind. For children, the sandbox is a common ground for hours of amusement, a place to come together with peers to share toys — and friendship.

ECIC News Release, August 11
The Sandbox Party Announces Video Contest Judges
Excerpt: A nonpartisan, nonpolitical party representing the interests of Michigan’s youngest residents, today announced the judges for the ‘Sandbox Rocks’ video contest. The Sandbox Party aims to find meaningful stories about how early childhood efforts –including preschool, quality childcare, prenatal care, parenting supports and others–have impacted children and their families., August 5
Calling All Parents: Step Into the Sandbox
Excerpt: Lansing Moms Like Me - We are proud and excited to be an official sponsor of what is sure to be one of the most important events you will be invited to all year: The Sandbox Party Convention on August 26, 2010 from 1pm to 4pm at Breslin Student Event Center.

ECIC News Release, August 5
The Verve Pipe heads entertainment line-up at Sandbox Party convention Aug. 26
Excerpt: Michigan families are encouraged to pack up the kids and head over to the Aug. 26 Sandbox Party Convention at Michigan State University’s Breslin Center, which will feature a family-oriented performance by The Verve Pipe.

The Detroit Free Press, July 18
Children just as important as tea partyers
Excerpt: The tea party movement may not be the most important force affecting the races for governor and the Legislature in Michigan this year.

Lansing State Journal, July 18
Sandbox Party to advocate for youngest residents
Excerpt: The Eaton Great Start Collaborative and Great Start Parent Coalition, along with the other 54 counties, are gearing up to make sure local voters know about the Sandbox Party for Michigan's Youngest Learners, which was launched in Lansing July 1.

Gladwin County Record, July 13
Sandbox Party focuses on young children as key to Michigan’s economic turnaround
Excerpt: The Clare-Gladwin Great Start Collaborative and Great Start Parent Coalition are gearing up to make sure local voters know about the Sandbox Party for Michigan’s Youngest Learners, which was launched in Lansing.

Three Rivers Commercial-News, July 10
Young children key to economic turnaround
Excerpt: The St. Joseph County Great Start Collaborative and Great Start Parent Coalition are gearing up to make sure local voters know about the Sandbox Party for Michigan’s Youngest Learners, which was recently launched in Lansing.

WLKM Radio, July 4
New program for young learners
Excerpt: The St. Joseph County Great Start Collaborative and Great Start Parent Coalition have teamed up to promote the Sandbox Party for Michigan’s Youngest Learners. The group was launched in Lansing late last week.

River Country Journal, July 2
Sandbox Party focuses on young children as key to Michigan’s economic turnaround
Excerpt: The St. Joseph County Great Start Collaborative and Great Start Parent Coalition are gearing up to make sure local voters know about the Sandbox Party for Michigan’s Youngest Learners, which was launched in Lansing Thursday.

Lansing State Journal, July 2
'Sandbox Party' sets sights on early education funding
Excerpt: Legislature approves another $2.6 million for youngest children.

Lansing State Journal, July 1
New "Sandbox Party" to provide voice for kids
Excerpt: A group of children played in a sandbox this morning as a new "party" was launched nearby in Lansing.

MIRS, July 1
 Child Advocate Groups Push New 'Sandbox' Party
Excerpt: There are the Republicans, the Democrats and the Tea Partiers -- and now there will be the Sandboxers -- according to a coalition of groups who argue that the voices of Michigan's youngest learner needs its own political party.

The Evening News, July 1
Sandbox Party focuses on young Children
Excerpt: The EUP Great Start Collaborative and Great Start Parent Coalition are gearing up to make sure local voters know about the Sandbox Party for Michigan’s Youngest Learners, which was launched in Lansing today.

WKAR NewsRoom, July 1
"Sandbox Party" to advance interests of MI's young children
Excerpt: Advocates of early childhood programs gathered in Lansing Thursday morning to announce the formation of the "Sandbox Party" to advance the interests of Michigan children up to the age of five.