There can be nothing more important for Michigan’s youngest children and their families than to ensure that Michigan legislators, business leaders, parents, and educators - among others- understand the importance of investment in early childhood. Those elected, will determine the direction of Michigan’s early childhood investment for the next several years.  We can either sit back and hope for the best, or we can make sure those individuals understand how instrumental early childhood can be in our communities, for our children and for our entire state.

As a community of early childhood advocates, the Sandbox Party asks our candidates and policy makers to demonstrate that infants and young children are a priority by:

Holding the line on any further budget cuts to ANY early childhood programs;
Requiring that the state do better with current investments; and
Making future investments based upon sound science and return on investment.

It sounds so simple and yet we have so far to go.  You taking a look at this site today and coming back for more information as the Sandbox Party grows,  gives voice to the belief that it is time for Michigan to step up and help to ensure that our infants and young children get a Great Start and arrive at the schoolhouse door ready for learning and life.  

Thank you for standing for Michigan’s youngest learners as the Sandbox Party.  Together we make a powerful statement that early childhood supporters aren’t going to go away until Michigan gets it right.

Know that the Sandbox Party is just getting started!  Check in with us as our technology improves with the launch of our brand new website in just a few weeks with updated features and frequently changing information.