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The Lenawee County Fair 4H clubs focus on quality. The Lenawee County Fair just ended and I was reminded how important training is even for the youngest children at the fair. The 4H clubs require the children who show pigs at the fair to take a class on Pork Quality Assurance. Children who complete the Pork Quality Assurance class learn how to tell when the pig is sick and how to give a shot if the pig is sick. The children learn how to identify one pig from the other and how to care for their pigs. Simple things like not to keep them outside too long because they need shade and can’t sweat. Training is necessary for the children who take pigs to the fair.
Great Start to Quality Orientation trainings are necessary to improve quality. Some families use friends and neighbors to provide care for their children. Family and friend providers, who provide care for families receiving financial child care support, must now take required training, Great Start to Quality Orientation training (basic training). The training includes First Aid and CPR certification (American Heart Association Pediatric Heartsaver). Providers must complete the training by September 17 to continue to be an eligible provider. New providers must complete the training first before they are eligible to provide care. Training is the first step to improving quality. Learning basic health, safety, and nutrition will benefit the children in providers’ care and go a long way to improving the quality of care statewide.
I would like to share that while providers might have grumbled about the new requirement, there are several stories resulting from the trainings. Some providers have even had the chance to use the training they received and save a life! Check it out!

Last week my blog asked parents to ask more questions of their child care providers. The purpose of asking questions is to get to know your provider better and understand how your provider will support your child’s development while she is in the provider’s care. The questions can be asked of anyone caring for your child from the occasional date night babysitter to the licensed preschool with the 5 year waiting list. This week I ask you to ask your family and friend provider if they completed the training. If not please encourage them to register for the training by going to Great Start CONNECT or calling 1-877-614-7328.

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