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Time columnist is wrong, and here’s why

Not  long ago, “Time” magazine ran an article by columnist Joe Klein calling for the ax to come down on Head Start and other publicly-funded programs that he says don’t yield results.

The sad state of poverty in Michigan

This blog should not come as a huge surprise if you have lived in Michigan during the past 10 years, but recently the National Center for Children in Poverty released a Young Child Risk Calculator (www.nccp.org/tools/risk/) online tool for each state. 

While investigating the results from this resource closer, I noticed that it is reporting that in Michigan - for children ages 3 through age 5 - 12 percent, or roughly 45,000 children, are living in extreme poverty (50 percent of poverty or below).

Relationships are a key to success

It has been too long since my last blog as we find ourselves a few weeks into 2011 already.  I realize this is a topic I have blogged about before, but one that I think is important to revisit frequently. The strength and power of relationships. 

I realize that as you read this your thinking to yourself this is obvious to everyone, but I often wonder how wide spread this awareness is?  

None of us can accomplish the goals that we have for Michigan and the families in which we serve and support alone and without the assistance of others. 

No chicken soup for this soul

A fact that few know about me is that I am one of a minority of individuals who dislike, if not hate, chicken noodle soup. I honestly cannot recall the last time I have not even been bothered by the mere smell of it.  More information than you need to know right? 

I am not certain what the impact of this experience has had on me professionally, but as you read about further you can tell it had a profound one on my personal perspective of chicken noodle soup.  

Excellence in Michigan

The Head Start Act of 2007 called for designation of national centers of excellence which would be completed through a nomination process, competitive grant process, and finally award of bonus grants to carry out activities related to share resources and support to other Head Start grantees in addition to increased funding of activities identified as part of a center of excellence.  

Modern history lesson on autism

Tonight through an information link with National Public Radio I received an article titled "Autism's First Child" which in my opinion was a fascinating piece on the first child diagnosed with Autism.  Autism was described in 1943 "a condition unlike anything reported so far”, and that child who is now aged 77 with a life full of experiences in which to learn from.

Change and early childhood

Change and early childhood

Early Childhood 2010


Last week was a difficult one for me being away from home for an extended period of time since the birth of my daughter, and at the same time exciting to meet with my Head Start counterparts and other federally funded program staff in Washington DC for Early Childhood 2010.


Six degrees of separation

Six degrees of separation
I like to think that most people are familiar with this theory even if it is often related back to a Kevin Bacon reference. The theory is that through six connections every individual is connected to any other in the world.
I am of the belief that other than simply doing something yourself it takes one of two resources to get things accomplished: relationships and/or resources (often financial). 

They are just baby teeth

They are just baby teeth! 
I have long been a fan of the television show Myth Busters although I rarely have the opportunity to watch, but one myth that could be dispelled is that of “baby” teeth. 
They are just baby teeth!