Welcome to the Michigan Sandbox Party, a non-partisan movement created to educate and remind leaders across the state – voters, candidates and lawmakers alike –  that infants and young children are the most important resource we have. They are not only our future, but a critical piece of revitalizing Michigan’s economy today.

New! FEDERAL BUDGET UPDATE: Healthcare repeal, spending cuts, implications for early childhood and what President Obama might say in the State of the Union address.  Read the entire report.

State of the State Address

On Wednesday, January 19th, Governor Rick Snyder gave his first State of the State address to the Michigan Legislature. With our state facing a $1.8 billion dollar deficit, all ears were tuned in to hear if Governor Snyder would give details on his plans to tackle the budget.

Missed the Speech? 
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Coming up: State of the Union Address
On Tuesday, January 25, President Barack Obama will deliver the State of the Union address. The speech is scheduled for 9 p.m. EST. The State of the Union address is an annual address presented by the president to the United States Congress. During the address, President Barack Obama will not only report on the condition of the nation but will also outline his legislative agenda and national priorities to Congress. 

Sandbox Party Survey

A two-day Michigan Sandbox Party survey last week netted more than 1,300 responses from Michigan residents hoping Gov. Rick Snyder will make early childhood issues a key component of his State of the State speech Wednesday, recognizing that investing in early childhood programs including child care, early education and learning, physical and psychological health, parenting and family support, are the best way to get the outcomes he has said are vital to Michigan’s future. Click here to read the entire press release. 

Sandbox Party Survey Results

The Sandbox Party asked Michigan residents to share their hopes and concerns about early childhood priorities in order to share with the new governor and new Michigan Legislature.  Click on the SURVEY tab above to read all the questions and responses.

COMING SOON - New Sandbox Party Website!

The Sandbox Party is pleased to announce that in just a few short weeks our website will have a fresh new look.  New features will include a multimedia section with video and photographs, along with, federal and state updates, breaking early childhood information, and updates for fast and easy communication. 

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